Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monthly Goals - Back To School Linky

It's back to school for me next week.  Well at least for a few days.  We are "lucky" that school does not start until August 27th so I really do have quite a few days left.  I need to get a jump on things this year because we got new SMARTBOARDS and I need to be ready to trouble shoot any problems.  (Did I mention I am also Technology Co-Chair) so I need to have my room set up before all that could go wrong "might"
So I decided to link up with Jess at I Heart Recess.  I hope by putting my words out to the public, then I will actually get myself busy!  So here goes.

Personal: In my attempt to drop the 25 lbs that I have put on since November, I am swearing off Fast Food.  Yes, I said it out loud.  I must have the will power to come home and .... hold on.... I'm going to say it.... COOK!  I have begun to cook more this summer and would really like to continue.  
Organization:  I can do it, I know I can.  I love to save things on the desktop of my computer.  For me, it's easier to find things because I can never remember which folder I have placed things into.  So not only do I save my things on my desktop but into folders there as well.  Oh yeah & I save them into MY DOCUMENTS also.  The madness has to stop.  I promise to keep my desktop clean. (I'm sure my neighbor teachers would be laughing if they read this)
Planning:  I am a planner, I love to plan ahead and love to be on time.  Here is my problem with that.  I can do my plans on Monday for the following week, then Tuesday I will look at them again and decide to change them again.  Wednesday, look and add or change again.. You get it... I usually end up changing my 1st set of plans 2 times before the week is over.  Don't get me wrong, my Monday plans are usually good but for some reason, I will always find another way to change them.  More & More work for me.  No more... My plans are going to be great the first time. No changes.
Professional: Our school got new wall Smartboards this year and I am excited to put it to use.  Now, I have had a pretend smartboard for years. I would use my iPad and Splashtop as my Smartboard.  I tried! But this year, I am going to jump in an embrace my new board. I would love to use it all day in every way I can.  I am very familiar with notebook lessons but if you have any new and inventive ways to use my new toy, please let me know
Students: Last year, we had 27 kiddos in our class.  24 cubbies, 27 kiddos made for some baskets around the room and a very crowded room.  Numbers are looking the same for next year and since our grade did well on STAAR, it isn't looking like they are going to try to lower those numbers, so I just need to accept it.  No more excuses, bringing back centers, and small groups, going back to normal... just with more kids.
Motto:  So I am sure you have never heard this motto before (I made it up) but I am pretty sure many of you can relate.  I am a helper by heart.  I love for people to be happy and hate when people have problems.  SO, when I hear a co-worker has a problem or an issue, some how I tend to take on that problem and "try" to help them.  Yeah it's not a bad trait but it can be when I begin to own that issue and then realize that my co-worker has forgotten about it, so I am the lone solver of the problem.  Did I mention that I don't like to leave things unsolved.  So my goal is to take off my "problem solving cape" and put it into retirement.  I figure if it doesn't effect me, then it's ok for me to take the back seat.  GOOD LUCK TO ME :)

Well I have covered them all, maybe we should do a Check Up Linky in October to see how are goals are going! 
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  1. Heya! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're off to a great start! I love the design of your blog. Your cape quote is pretty cool! My husband is similar but he's become a lot better at reminding himself sometimes that things aren't his problem to solve... we quite often say "nmp" now to remind ourselves (not my problem)

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem